Every Piece

Tells A Story

We are passionate about jewelry and artful objects, and leave no stone unturned in discovering the full meaning behind the pieces you treasure most.

Our Difference Isn’t What We Do, It’s How We Do It

We take a unique approach to delivering the jewelry, watch and object appraisals, cataloguing, research and writing and collection management services we offer.

It starts with our belief that grading diamonds, taking careful measurements, calculating carat weights and testing gemstones and metals are simply our starting point.

From there, we examine each piece holistically – its design details, style, maker, history and more — to uncover the context and underlying story that makes each object so special.

With a Master's degree in History of Jewelry Design from 1850-1950 from Parsons/Cooper-Hewitt in NYC and a Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA, Hana Thomson has worked at museums and auction houses, as well as in jewelry retail and production and with private collectors, buyers and sellers.


Hana Thomson

In applying the highest standards to assessing and developing compelling
narratives for pieces and collections, we honor these values:


We are passionate about learning new things and leave no stone unturned as we research and identify the features and context of jewelry and objects. Through this process, we uncover the unique story behind each piece.

Attention to Detail

Handling, cataloguing and studying jewelry requires precision, accuracy and special care. Even a tiny inclusion in a gemstone can be a fascinating clue to a jewel’s backstory. This is why we’re OBSESSED with detail. We know everything we find brings us closer to the truth.


Jewelry is personal and the pieces we cherish often represent important milestones, intimate moments and meaningful stories. We honor and celebrate the emotional connection you have with your pieces and their connection to your life.

Remarkable Pieces

Fascinating Stories

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