We’re passionate about digging deep to uncover the story behind jewelry, watches and objects — here’s how we can assist you:


Whether you need an appraisal report for insurance purposes, a fair market valuation report in preparation to sell items or for estate planning, or you’re simply curious about the value of your pieces, we’ll provide you with the expertise, information and documents you need.

Our appraisal process includes a full examination of each piece, including gemstone identification, metal testing, diamond grading, carat weight calculation and final documentation.


We have years of experience meticulously cataloguing thousands of pieces of jewelry and watches. We can efficiently organize and sort large collections, precisely inspect and gather information and record it concisely and accurately.

Research & Writing

Discovering an object’s history not only helps us understand and appreciate it even more, but also provides invaluable context that can be used when selling a piece, passing down a family heirloom and more.

Whether you’re an auction house, museum, jewelry store or dealer seeking assistance with research and/or writing, or individual who wants to learn more about their treasured items, we do the detective work and supply the facts and narrative you need for your purposes.

Collection Management

Have jewelry or watches you don't wear? Consigning pieces to an auction house or store is a solution, but the process can be complicated, inconvenient and lengthy. We will come to your location to assess and potentially purchase your items. While it can be hard to say goodbye to jewelry and watches, we'll make sure they end up with a new owner who will cherish your items as much as you have.

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